About Us

Nothing Complicated. Just Superior Skincare.

Our Mission

Red Dane’s purpose is to improve the way men look and feel every day.

By improving men’s skin and grooming ritual through high performance skincare and grooming products, we aim to improve the lives and confidence of men everyday.

Our Products

Real Ingredients

Every Red Dane product is carefully formulated from the very finest ingredients and incorporates the latest technologies to create formulas that are not only effective, but also lightweight and non-greasy. Paraben-free & cruelty-free our Red Dane products take a refreshingly effective, honest and natural approach to helping you look and feel your best.

Real Easy

At Red Dane we understand most men prefer to spend as little time as possible on their skincare and grooming routine. As a result, we have created products that are convenient, multi-functional and highly effective: Our Shaving Gel also softens and nourishes your skin; and our Two-Phase Nourishing Oil can be used for both your facial Skin & Beard offering Moisturizing & Protection benefits. In the end our range of products are formulated to be easy to use, easy to wear, fast absorbing and active.

Real Results

Some of our Red Dane product benefits are immediate, like refreshing natural scents and skin that instantly looks and feels clean and revitalized. Some benefits last throughout the day, offering a feeling of moisture, freshness and confidence in the way you look and feel. Other benefits and results emerge over time as the anti-aging benefits of healthy skin keep you looking youthful & healthier for years.

At Red Dane we take pride in creating products you can trust to perform and that truly are an investment in your skin, now and in the future.