Moisturize & Protect

ZAR 350 (30ml)

Face - Beard - Stubble

A lightweight multi-functional Face & Beard oil which provides immediate benefits to facial hair and skin.  This non-greasy oil absorbs quickly and deeply, leaving you with healthy, smooth, soft skin & facial hair, and with a matte appearance.  No fragrance added. Natural refreshing scent.


Immediate Benefits to Facial Hair & Skin:
• Moisturizes & protects
• Deeply penetrates to nourish & rejuvenate
• Softens beard / stubble and skin underneath
• Healthy, smooth, soft skin & hair from root to tip

• Offers sun & pollution barrier protection
• Helps calm & repair irritated skin
• Anti-aging properties

*Lightweight, non-oily/non-greasy, absorbs instantly & mattifying.
*For all weather conditions, a great option for humid conditions.

The Good Stuff
Packed with Squalane, Ceramides, Borage Seed Oil, Orange Oil, Lavender Oil, Carrot Oil (SPF 38), Argan Oil & Grape Seed Oil.

Ideal For Guys
• Who want to so often & nourish beard / stubble
• With beards who also need a facial moisturizer
• Who want a light moisturizer in summer or have oily skin (diminishes production of excess oil)
• Who want to promote hair growth
• With normal, combination, dry, oily & sensitive skin

This is the moisturizing option for VERY sensitive / damaged / dry / dehydrated or irritated skin.

Post Shave
Yes – All Skin Types
The post shave option for very sensitive, damaged, dry, dehydrated or irritated skin.

How To Use
A few drops go a long way.
Simply shake the bottle to mix both phases,
hold upside down & wait for the oil to drop
out into your palm.
Rub palms together & apply to face and/or beard.

Face: Gently pat thin layer (3 to 5 drops) into skin & stubble after cleansing.
Beard: Apply a few drops (2 to 6) and rub through beard working into hair & skin underneath.
Post-Shave: Apply a thin layer to skin after shaving.

Use Daily
For all skin types - ideal for normal, combination, dry, oily & sensitive skin.
Keep out of direct sunlight