ZAR 450 (50ml)

Lubricate & Condition
Shave & Pre-Shave

Slick and luxurious, the Soothing Shave Oil is designed to give your shave maximum comfort and improved skin condition post-shaving, without leaving an oily residue.

Use as a pre-shave oil or substitute to other shaving products.

Contains 10 powerhouse natural oils, vitamins & anti-oxidants with natural antiseptic, anti-aging and soothing properties.

Superior slickness, lubrication & extreme comfort makes it ideal for men with tough beards, ingrown hairs & sensitive skin prone to razor burn.
No fragrance added. Subtle, uplifting and earthy scent.

Moisturizes, Heals, Calms, Sooths, Conditions & Smooths skin.



  • Lubricates & Protects for a smooth, close & ultra comfortable shave.
  • Helps prevent irritation during & after shaving.
  • Conditions the skin to soothe & help prevent razor bumps & ingrowns.
  • Significantly reduces inflammation, razor burn & dry skin.
  • Powerful natural antimicrobial & antiseptic qualities (prevents infection).
  • Moisturizes and softens skin and hair.
  • Soothes, calms & heals skin; wound healing & reduce skin inflammation.
  • Provides extraordinary protection from shaving blade.
  • Superior glide means fewer skin tears, nicks and cuts.
  • Transparency, can see where you are shaving; line-outs, goatees.


  • Improves skin condition post-shaving immeasurably.
  • Offers distinctive skin smoothness & long-term moisture locking effects.
  • Rinses well and leaves face feeling moisturized and supple.
  • Leaves skin healthy, revitalized & protected.

*Ideal for shavers who have extremely sensitive skin and coarse beards and suffer from razor burn & nicks, standard dryness, chafing, and chapping.

The Good Stuff
Packed with Sunflower, Castor, Olive, Coconut, Baobab, Roman Chamomile, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, Vetiver & Tea Tree Oils, Squalane, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and E.

How To Use
A versatile formula, the oil can be used:
- On its own to allow razor to glide over skin
- As a pre-shave to soften stubble

Shave: Wet face with warm water and apply 3-5 drops of oil into shaving area. Shave smooth.

Pre-Shave: Massage 3-5 drops of oil into shaving area before applying shaving cream or gel.

*Use only the oil and you will be amazed, or use with your favourite gel/cream for maximum comfort. 

*Can also be used with electric razors and clippers for a dry shave.

For All Skin Types & Beard Textures.
Ideal for sensitive, dehydrated & irritated skin.
Ideal for coarse beards.
Keep out of direct sunlight.