Our Story


The Birth of Red Dane

Red Dane was born in 2013 when the founder noticed that there were no straightforward premium skincare options specifically designed for men in South Africa… premium products packed with natural ingredients and expertly formulated just for men… products that would not only solve problems in the short-term but would improve one’s skin in the long-term, making one look & feel better every day.

In his search for healthier & younger looking skin and desperately wanting his own fountain of youth, the idea for Red Dane was born.

After almost two years of intense product research, design & development, Red Dane made its debut in 2015 on the shelves of premium men’s salons & establishments.

Our simple & straightforward range of products is proudly made in South Africa for All Skin Types, with the finest ingredients available to man.

Inspired by Animals

We Love Dogs!

There is nothing like the loyalty, friendship & love between man and his canine companion…. a strong and mutually beneficial relationship that last years and is irreplaceable, and in many ways unexplainable…" I cannot live without my dog and my love and relationship with my canine friend increases the quality and joy of my life every day and makes me a happier and better person."

It is this love and bond with dogs that is the inspiration for the Red Dane brand. This is the same bond we want all our clients to have with their Red Dane products…a bond and relationship so strong and beneficial and one that brings joy, happiness and an improved quality of life everyday through younger & healthier looking skin!

In honour of our furry friends, our Brand, Products, Future Innovations & Actions will 
always reflect, inherit and represent the beautiful qualities & attributes of the Great Dane:

Naturally Protective, Loyal, Always Friendly, Energetic, Strong, Loves People, Spirited, Courageous, Powerful, Intelligent, Playful, Trustworthy, Always Dependable, never Timid or Aggressive and always have a Strong Desire to Please!

All Red Dane products are Animal Friendly. They are not tested on animals and contain no ingredients from animal sources. All our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

- In Memoriam -


Sadly on 1 April 2017, we had to say goodbye to Achilles, he who inspired the founder to give life to this brand. Achilles, the Boerboel, lived to nearly 12 years. 
powerful & protective dog, a loyal & fun friend, Achilles and the founder had a deep, extraordinary bond. Achilles will be sorely missed by all those who laid eyes on him.